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Regents Professor, Foundation Professor and Chairman

  D.Pharm., University of the Pacific, 1978

  Location: Manville 1B


  Tel:   (775) 784-4800 office
  Tel:   (775) 784-1566 lab (CMM)
  Tel:   (775) 784-4120 lab (CMM)
  Fax:  (775) 784-1620



Research Interests

The broad interests of our laboratory are those of receptor-signal transduction in mammalian systems. We approach our interests with modern biochemical and molecular methods that include intracellular imaging of events such as calcium release. One of our principal interests, for example, is the problem of premature delivery of babies. The signals that initiate contraction of the uterus at the time of labor are not known. We have recently described the contractile actions of adenyl purines on the smooth muscle of guinea pig uterus and find that the receptor that mediates the contraction of the tissue changes its coupling mechanism significantly during pregnancy in a fashion consistent with a role for these compounds in human parturition. The problem of premature delivery is a devastating human problem that takes its toll both in lives and dollars. We hope to contribute to an understanding of the onset of labor in order to help eliminate the problem of premature delivery.

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Faculty of the Department of Pharmacology participate in several interdisciplinary graduate programs, including the the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate Program (CMPP), the Cell and Molecular Biology Program (CMB), and the Biomedical Engineering Program (BME).

General information about graduate studies can be found in Explore Pharmacology (PDF).

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