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Welcome to the Anatomical Donation Program

The Anatomical Donation Program at the University of Nevada School of Medicine is one of few programs in the West dedicated to providing anatomical material for the ever-growing educational and research needs of medical science.

Anatomy is one of the most important courses in the health sciences, serving as a foundation for other disciplines such as physiology, pathology, neurology, and surgery.  The donation of one’s body after death is a thoughtful and unique contribution to the education of future doctors, nurses, and emergency medical personnel.  Dignity and respect for donated bodies is maintained at all times.


The generosity of body donors adds immeasurably to our quality of life.  Those who will their bodies to science are giving their mortal substance to contribute to the health and well being of future generations.  They extend their own usefulness far beyond the grave. 


Thank you for considering this important gift to medical education and research.

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