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UNSOM Prospective Applicants: Curriculum

The University of Nevada School of Medicine prepares you for residencies in all medical specialties, as well as careers as a research scientist. Nevada students also experience hands-on patient care beginning in the first semester of medical school.

Year I  


Year II 

Clinical Embryology


Clinical Problem Solving II

Clinical Gross Anatomy/Musculoskeletal and Embryology


Community Medicine and Health Policy 

Clinical Gross Anatomy/Organ Systems and Embryology


General Human Pathology/Lab Medicine

Clinical Histology


Introduction to Patient Care II

Clinical Problem Solving I


Medical Microbiology

Ethics, Law and Medicine


Medical Molecular Genetics

Human Behavior


Medical Pharmacology

Human Biochemistry I & II


Psychiatric Medicine

Introduction to Patient Care I


Systemic Human Pathology/Lab Medicine

Medical Cell Biology



Medical Neuroscience



Medical Nutrition



Systems Physiology






Year III


Year IV

Transition to Clinical Medicine


Advanced Clinical Experience in Rural Medicine

Clinical Reasoning in Medicine


Clinical Electives as chosen by student

Family and Community Medicine



Internal Medicine























The University of Nevada School of Medicine is a statewide institution. Graduates of our school experience the practice of medicine in varied settings throughout Nevada - Reno, a medium-sized urban area; Las Vegas, a fast-growing city; rural Nevada, in teaching hospitals, and outpatient clinics. Attending our school brings together cutting-edge research and patient care with the real-world clinical needs of Nevada communities.

For more detailed information, please visit the Office of Medical Education website.


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